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Royal Buggy Table lamp

$ 399.00


This Is Not A Original Piece Copy Of Capodimonte


Capodimonte porcelain was created by the Capodimonte porcelain manufactory in Naples, Italy in 1743. Their Tradition endured thanks to the Creativity of the Neapolitan Artist. Capodimonte is famous for its figurines, cups vases & name just a few. Beautifully Hand Painted, Hand Made Elegance. Capodimonte, Vintage / Elegant Porcelain; Lamps, Figurines, Vases and Funiture. Made in ItalyA copy of Dresden porcelain coaching group, modeled as carriage drawn by two horses Table lamp with a couple Footman and a female Driving, raised on a rocaille moulded base, 30" Log 

Price: 399.00

Category: Ceramics — a copy of Capodimonte

made in China 

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