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3D Large One Of A Kind Indonesian Wood Carving Wall Decor

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3D Large One Of A Kind Indonesian Wood Carving Wall Decor

Wooden carving traditions and skills can be found throughout the Indonesian archipelago, with the most famous being from Bali, Central Java, Madura, Sumatra and Papua. Different areas developed very different traditions so that many items are immediately identifiable as being created by particular ethnic groups. Most popular with expats are Javanese and Balinese wooden image carvings, Jepara lattice-like three-dimensional reliefs and Irianese primitive carvings.

remarkable craftsmanship 

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Even amongst wooden carvings from a particular province, differences in design, style and subject matter are easily evidenced after some studying  We have founded carvings artists In Indonesia 

 This Wall Unite Is Very Heavy And Large Please Call For Wight  And Detentions

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One Of Our Best Collection Called Ramayana Story 

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